Font embedding in Flash CS3 + initial thoughs on Yahoo's Flash Developer Center

Yahoo! have launched their Flash Developer Center, and among the interesting articles and downloads is this article about runtime font embedding in Flash CS3.

It looks like embedding fonts might be a hell of a lot easier in the latest version of Flash. Anyone who's dabbled in Flash and non-standard system fonts knows it's been a pain in the ass in the past to get working (hidden font fields off-stage, etc), so I'm eager to see how things now fair in the latest version of Flash.

As for the other stuff up on the site, I expect they'll flesh out things as time goes on. I wonder how easy to skin and customise their components are, as one of the reasons people opt for Flash is because it allows them total control over the look and feel of the user interface.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the accessibility of their components. I'm writing this on a MacBook and checked out their components in Firefox (admittedly not a great browser when it comes to tabbing and Flash), but even when focused within the Flash movie my tabbing didn't seem to do anything.