New Flash plug-in tightens up security, while existing loopholes remain

Adobe have released the latest version of the Flash plug-in, version I blogged about the reasons for this release previously, but it'll mostly affect older Flash content played out through the latest player. See the updated posting on Adobe's site for detailed information.

Slightly more worrying is Grant Skinner's latest blog post which outlines some of the performance issues and existing security holes in all versions of the Flash 9 plug-in relating to unloading content. I can appreciate that the jump to ActionScript 3 was a big one for the Adobe team but it's left me wishing for Flash 10 to be released sooner rather than later, although considering there's been large functionality jumps in some minor versions of the Flash 9 plug-in I wouldn't mind some of Grant's suggested workarounds making their way into a minor version of Flash 9.