It continues...

O2 didn't ring me back by midday or 1pm as they promised last night to explain what I needed to do to get my iPhone activated. I had to ring them. When I got through I was told that I now have to contact/ring up/revisit Carphone Warehouse and make sure they've activated or passed on my details correctly. So O2 are washing their hands of me for the time being it seems, even though it was supposedly their systems which crashed for everyone on friday.

This is running parallel to email queries I'm getting bounced back to me from O2 saying that all I need to do is connect to the latest version of iTunes now.

If I'd known there'd be so many problems there's no way on earth I would've either bought an iPhone or tried to deal with Carphone Warehouse or O2. When is a normal person supposed to find the time during the week in order to revisit stores and try and get people to correct their own mistakes? This seriously takes the piss.

Roll on tomorrow, when I'm sure there'll be plenty more tales of woe to blog about.

UPDATE: O2 gave me Carphone Warehouse's helpline which they said to ring as they're the ones who can sort the problem out. I rang the number (0870 111 7200) and the automated service says that it doesn't recognise my mobile number or account, and to type in my O2 mobile number...which I don't obviously have as they haven't connected me yet. So I had to just hang up. After ringing the Carphone Warehouse store, it turns out the manager's off today and sorting this isn't something they can do over the phone for me; I need to come down to the store for data protection reasons. I asked if they could do the checking before I go round there later today in order that I'm not wasting my time later on, but the assistant told me that the person who he'd be speaking to on the other end of the line would require I was in the store at that time. So, I'm going round there later today it seems.

You couldn't make this up.