8 days and counting

My iPhone is still not connected.

Thursday and friday mainly consisted of talking to Carphone Warehouse's customer support. On thursday a helpful staff member told me he would persue the matter himself and ring me back on friday (to spare me the typical half hour wait I've experienced each day waiting on customer support helplines). He did, and during that conversation he said that he'd talked to O2 and the next course of action I should be taking would be to return to the store I purchased the phone from and tell them to treat me as a brand-new customer. O2 couldn't enable my phone and Carphone Warehouse couldn't do anything about it either. He was helpful and I even spoke to his line manager to tell him that I thought he helped me, but it turned out the information he'd been told was incorrect.

I visited the Carphone Warehouse store friday morning. I turned up at the store's opening time, 9:30am. At 9:50am I had to leave to get to work and the store still hadn't opened, so friday was a complete non-event.

This morning (saturday). I spoke to the polite and apologetic store manager (who I don't believe is at fault for all this and tried to help me). First thing he pointed out was that he (and other CPW managers I assume) had been sent an email saying that some iPhone customers still hasn't been connected (I'm special!) and were advised to return to store and be treated as brand new customers (i.e. given new mobile numbers). The email then said to NOT do this; that they (O2 I assume) were working at connecting all customers still. He then pointed out that my notes said that I'd been sent an email advising that I'd be connected within 72 hours, which was sent friday. I don't recall receiving this email.

So; I've gotta wait and see if I get connected by the end of tomorrow (sunday). If I don't then I've got to return to the store again, although I've seemingly got to remain in-store due to the data protection act and store employees not being able to persue matters otherwise.

I've got to write up a factual complaint to Carphone Warehouse's complaints department. Helpfully, there's no link on their website regarding complaints.

I'm not angry anymore; more numb with disbelief.