iPhone woes continue

Yes, it's not all over yet. Because of all the previous problems I had trying to get my iPhone connected to O2, I emailed the chairman of Carphone Warehouse to complain, after the assistant in-store advised me to. My initial email bounced back (hmmm), and then the second one got a response that I should be writing to their complaints department.

I wrote to their complains department and didn't hear anything back, so I sent an email asking if it was being considered. They said they had no record of my letter, and asked if I had the recorded delivery details of it! So, they expected me to send it recorded delivery? I smell a rat; it sounds like they can't be bothered dealing with it.

Anyway, I've sent it now recorded delivery and I'll see where I get. 12 days I was waiting to be connected, had numerous problems with both CPW and O2, and now this. It's all extremely lame.