Amazon Kindle

Ok, so I really like the iPad 2. It's fantastic for a whole range of reasons but I still didn't find it ideal as an e-reader. It's a little heavy and large for that purpose and taking it out on a busy London Underground tube attracts too much attention for my liking.

So I got a Kindle.

And I love it as an e-reader.

It's pretty much the perfect size, weight, doesn't attract too many stares on the underground and my initial concern at it not being able to render tech books properly wasn't nearly as problematic as I'd feared. It's still not perfect when displaying code snippets but it's workable. It's pro's far outweight any negatives; I'm nearly through my first Kindle book on JavaScript design patterns and I doubt I could've said the same had I bought the paperback and faced lugging around the physical book in amongst everything else in my daily bag.