Capcom Fight Club

Attended the first Capcom Fight Club and enjoyed it. Reminded me of the arcade scene around the late 90s; lots of people gathered in the same room(s) just enjoying games. Vibe to the event was good, although it was way over-subscribed and queue-jumpers really took the piss out of anyone else who'd queued for hours (like I did). The queue was single or double-file around 6pm, but by 7pm it was easily 5-file in width throughout. Wish Capcom did pre-registration like they did when they threw their Marvel vs Capcom 3 session before Christmas in London last year.

Still, the event was enjoyable. Street Fighter x Tekken looks really good (didn't get a chance to play unfortunately), and I'll be getting Third Strike: Online Edition when it's released next week. To cap a good evening off, I managed to get the producer of the Street Fighter IV series, Yoshinori Ono, to sign my joystick.