What Capcom could/should do with Street Fighter 5

* Share matches on YouTube

* Open stats (including API)

* Allow gambling of BP or similar currency in a match

* Responsive website (quick so that people in tournaments can get data quickly). Featuring frame data, statistics (most popular characters online, win rates of those characters online, game news, tournament results, upcoming tournaments and events, links to videos which would play out in native YouTube app or phone video player

* Ability for n00bs to disable taunting, skip losing screens and anything else which might quickly/easily dissuade them

* Ability to flag those who use turbo

* Add every match you play into personalised online account. This account allows you not only to replay your matches but to create your own database of players you come up against and add notes against them. Could potentially mark notes public or private, but in retrospect there's too much of an opportunity for public notes to be abused (trolling, spam, etc)

* Interaction with social media; can publish to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube only after initially interacting with the website/app (whichever is decided on)

* Anyone buying the game gets an online account with full functionality initially for a set period of time. After that period a subscription model kicks in (e.g. £10 for the year) which provides full functionality. If choosing not to subscribe then basic data available (would need to evaluate which features were either masked and which would not work in whatever period between not paying for a subscription and later renewing it). Overheads like website maintenance, downtime, complaints, to cope with.

* Website provides badges or clear signs on a player achieving a certain level (perhaps reflecting their achievements/trophies or rank they've attained).



* Attract new players (and the geeks)

* Keep new players playing

* Enhance experience for hardcore fans