The Link (by PhreakMods)

I've been intrigued by KickStarter for a while, so when I read various members of the fighting game community (FGC) mention The Link, I knew it was something I'd consider buying into.

The project was run by Clayton (also known as Phreakazoid on, who I heard about a fair few times so was confident the work would be good. The detachable joystick shaft modification aims to enable folk who use large joysticks to easily get those large joysticks in a bag and carry them around (as usually the non-removable joystick shaft protrudes from the joystick base). A side benefit being that The Link enables you to easily switch between ball or bat top joystick tops, so considering I'm still trying to get comfortable using a stick I found this very beneficial.

The mod to my Qanba Q4RAF took a little over an hour, as I wanted to switch over the metal base plate in the stick to a 6-button foundation at the same time. I didn't really need any instructions in installing The Link (always a good sign) and after putting everything back together and taking the stick online I can happily report it does a great job. I don't notice any difference between the original Sanwa JLF shaft and replacement Link and now I have all the benefits that come with the mod.

You can see a quick video of it here:

Happy :)